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PEARL-WWT has successfully supplied spare parts and accessories for water treatment equipment to Russia. According to the contract with the Yaroslavl Ecology companie, appropriate market analysis to determine the appropriate manufacturer and the necessary transport conditions was performed by PEARL-WWT. Only 12 days after delivery of the ordered equipment, it was built and working at the final destination.

Due to the rapid and fast delivery the Yaroslavl ecology company was able to continue its work without any interruption.


PEARL-WWT has successfully run a project for chucking automatic machines for the Yaroslavl Zoo. The machines were made according to our specifications in a Dutch manufacturing companie. The cash modules were ordered in germany. We realised this order as required by the Yaroslavl Zoo as a full-service including all services, customs clearence, logistics and a "door to door" transport. Just 10 days after the completion of all preparations the machines were in use in the Yaroslavl Zoo.

Now the zoo can offer their visitors the possibility to bye some food for the animals in the petting area. This is a nice and welcome feature especial for kids and the whole family.

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